Important Information about Bayouland Pomskies

Welcome to Bayouland Pomskies! Here you will find extra information about us, the buying process and other important information you may wish to know. If you have any questions please contact us.  

PLEASE JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP "Pomskies of the Bayouland"

We post weekly updates of our current puppies, list available puppies and keep everyone updated on future pairings in this Facebook group. This is the #1 way to stay in touch with our puppies, get daily updates, see how we raise our litters and much more!  

Our Accreditation 

We are a member of the IPA (International Pomsky Association), PBA (Pomsky Breeders Association, POA (Pomsky Owners Association), and  You can look up those associations online to find their code of ethics and all the work and approval processing it took to become an accredited member.  

Health and Breed Improvement 

All of our Pomskies are DNA tested through Embark and clear from of over 150-180 genetic conditions.   Health and longevity of this breed is our #1 goal and we will do everything possible to assure we achieve that with every puppy. All of our Pomskies get one on one daily handling and lots of socialization to ensure they are a confident and loving.  DNA documentation is available for your viewing for all our Pomskies.   

Payment options 

We accept PayPal or Venmo.  We do not accept personal checks or money orders.  The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. Your deposit holds your spot in line and we in turn reserve the puppy you choose with that deposit. If you decide you no longer want a puppy or back out for any reason, you forfeit your deposit.  The remaining balance is due when the puppy is 6 weeks old.   


Going Home 

We cannot hold puppies for an extended time after 8 weeks of age. If you have a big vacation planned or have events that would conflict with a young puppy, please know puppies cannot be boarded in a kennel until they have received their full immunizations and their rabies vaccination which cannot be done until 3-4 months of age. Please plan accordingly when deciding when to take your puppy home.   


We have a contract and will not place a puppy without a signed contract. We believe it's the professional thing to do to memorialize our obligations to each other on paper so there are no questions later.  If you have questions about specific terms, you need to contact us prior to picking up your puppy. I will email you the contract once you choose your puppy which you will initial, sign and return to me.   


Puppies not sold with breeding rights are required to be spay and neutered prior to 12 months of age. Proof is required and this part of the contract is enforceable. If you originally buy under pet price but then wish to have breeding rights we do allow that for an additional fee. Please contact us for further information. 

Re-homing Provisions

Keeping dogs out of shelters and in loving homes is EXTREMELY important to us. Making sure every puppy we raise stays in the best home possible is a commitment we make the day each puppy is born. With this we do have a very strict re-homing clause in our contract that states if for any reason you can no longer keep the puppy you buy from us you will contact us immediately and we will either assist you in finding your puppy a new perfect home or if you are in a rush/bind we will take the puppy back ourselves and find them a new perfect home. These puppies are a lifetime commitment and once we bring a puppy into this world, we are bound to assuring that puppy stays happy and loved throughout its years.  

Our Commitment to You 

We strive to only raise the healthiest, most well-mannered and loyal lifelong companions you can find.  Along with raising only the best quality Pomskies you can find, it is our duty to make this the best puppy buying experience possible. We offer lifetime breeder support and are here to help you with anything you ever need for the lifetime of your Pomsky. We are committed to always being swift in replying and offer any support/advice you may ever need when it comes to the Pomsky you bought from us.